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High-Quality Custom Handmade Acoustic Guitars
Guitar Repairs & Sales — Handmade Acoustic Guitars-Premade & Custom Guitars

Contact Casey Guitars of Texas in Three Rivers, Tx, for handmade custom acoustic guitars, as well as professional guitar repair for Affordable High-Quality handmade acoustic guitars. Get your next custom handmade guitar from Casey Guitars of Texas!  As a skilled Luthier, Joe Malik has years of experience building custom handmade acoustic guitars and a lifetime of experience in guitar repairs. Joe provides personal attention to all of his handcrafted acoustic guitars. He uses only the best woods available to help produce the best sound. Joe started his business to have the satisfaction of creating a beautiful sound with each instrument. Contact Casey Guitars of Texas and ask for Joe. He will provide you with more information about his custom handmade acoustic guitars, as well as professional guitar repairs. Casey Guitars of Texas has customers all across Texas including Houston, El Paso, Corpus Christi and other cities in South Texas.


Quality Custom Acoustic Guitar Repairs Include:
Bridge Replacement • Neck Adjustment • Back Replacement • Top Replacement •

Call Joe for more details on his custom handmade accoustic guitars.